Good advice

First, a visual of some of the best advice I’ve ever heard:

I’ve gotten three other pieces of advice this week that I think are worth passing along.

First, when in conflict with another person:
  • Say fewer words, not more
  • Don’t engage
  • Let it go
Second, when you feel yourself becoming anxious (regretting the past, fearing the future):
  • Ground yourself in the present moment
  • Pray for peace in your heart
  • Let it go
And finally, when blogging, as a rule, avoid these topics:
  • Politics
  • Religion
  • Too much introspection

I shall endeavor to follow all that excellent advice going forward.

In the meantime, inspired by an amazing man named Arthur Boorman, whose story you can watch at, I have decided to begin practicing yoga. Here’s my new kit, ready to go!

Arthur’s advice?
  • Never give up
  • Every time you fall, stand back up again
  • Never underestimate what you can accomplish when you believe in yourself

I hope my practice helps me to be even a little bit as amazing as he is.

I need to believe that something extraordinary is possible.
~ Alicia Nash, “A Beautiful Mind”


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