Deciding to defriend

I’ve been seeing this ad (or meme; I’m not sure what it should properly be called) around the interwebs lately.

I didn’t click on it, just hovered my mouse over it for a second, and instantly I was logged into Facebook* (which I had been logged out of) and a page displayed a list of my friends who “Like” the band Nickelback. Some other sites have similar links that allow you to see which of your friends like Crocs, Larry the Cable Guy, Kim Kardashian, Adam Sandler, George Bush, Fox News, and many others, so you can respond accordingly.

This is an ugly bit of programming on somebody’s part. Not only is there that lightning-quick login without providing a password (is Facebook really that easily cracked?), but also there is this code running through my Friends list and returning a judgment that certain people are no longer worth my time or affection because of their taste in music, shoes or movies. Sure, it’s “just” a meme, “just” a joke, “just” Facebook. But wow, so hateful.

I was on Facebook for a little over a year before I deactivated my account shortly after starting this blog. I found the drama level way too high for a social networking site; it was more like an all-girls junior high with a heavy dose of borderline personality disorder. How or why anyone can take the “Like” button so seriously that they would summarily terminate years-long, real-life friendships over its use is beyond me.

I would never defriend anybody on Facebook or in real life solely because of what they like or don’t like unless they prove through their words or deeds that they don’t actually like me. Friends who snark, who ignore, who mock, or who just don’t bother to show up on the screen or anywhere else are not friends I want or need. But I don’t care if they do wear Crocs and watch Fox News.

* I do not currently have a Facebook profile under my own name. I do maintain profiles for both my dogs so that I can keep up with their/my friends and still have a little bit of the kind of fun one can only have within a social network. In a future post, I will tell you what it’s like to be a dog on the internet.


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