Winging it

A couple of weeks ago, I asked a veteran blogger friend of mine what she liked best and least about blogging. Her answer was the same for both questions: the discipline required for daily posting.

One post a day seemed like such a modest goal when I started. I like to think I have the gift of gab, after all, so I figured all I had to do each day was sit down at my computer, reflect for a few minutes on what topic was of most interest to me at the moment, and then swiftly hammer out 500 words (give or take) on said topic. Nothing to it, I thought.


There’s actually quite a bit more to it if this blog is ever going to be anything more than just brain droppings. I so much appreciate each and every person who has visited, liked a post and/or signed up to follow me in the past three weeks, and I want to make it worth your while to join me on the page every day. Simply winging it just won’t do the job.

Writing is the hardest work in the world not involving heavy lifting. ~ Pete Hamill

So I’m going to drop back and punt for today’s post, but will spend some time this weekend developing a list of future post topics and maybe even sketching out a plan for what I’d like this blog to be.

You bloggers out there: How do you stay inspired and on track?


One thought on “Winging it

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