What I’m doing here

As promised, I have spent some time sorting out what I want this blog to be and do. Enough time to realize that it might be best not to over-think it. I think I had it figured out when I started, actually.

First, a bit of background on me.

I called this blog Shaw Pro Photo because I have that web domain name reserved and someday I might want to transition to being a professional photographer. Blogging is an easy first step to learning the WordPress platform and provides a public internet presence within a supportive context. I subtitled it Words & Pictures because writing words and taking pictures are what I love and what I do best. I started writing for publication as a contributor to my junior high school’s newsletter, where I learned to type on an enormous Royal manual typewriter that was so elegantly beautiful that it almost makes me cry to think of it now (I remember it looking kind of like this, except bright kelly green). My first 35mm camera was a Pentax K-1000, which is like the Model T of SLRs. I wrote and took photos for my high school newspaper and yearbook; was a photographer, writer and copy editor for my college newspaper; majored in news-editorial journalism; and was a reporter and photographer on first a thrice-weekly and then a daily newspaper for a couple of years. Every job I’ve ever held since has focused on written communication, and some of them even let me take pictures, too. I have a lot of different skills, but writing and photography are the ones that have always brought me the greatest rewards.

So what I’m doing here in this blog is sharing with you some of the stories that belong to me as well as stories that I have been given, illustrated with photographs wherever possible. I hope these words and pictures will consistently interest you as well as on occasion move you, entertain you, and perhaps even tell you something you didn’t know. I intend to promote the things I love rather than bash the things I hate, maintain a fair and open mind about matters on which I am not an expert (that would be nearly everything), and speak my truth in my own unique voice.

It has been said, and I paraphrase, that writing is easy: All you have to do is sit down at your keyboard and open a vein. (Alternatively, sit at your keyboard until beads of blood appear on your forehead.) I am blessed and grateful that writing has never been that difficult for me. Even so, the daily practice of it is challenging, but I’m looking forward to meeting all of you here on this page.

Thank you for reading.


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