Odds and ends

I see in the news today a couple of articles that relate to my recent posts. Great minds thinking alike and all that.

Tim Kreider, whose take on our fetish for overscheduling, The “Busy” Trap, in the New York Times speaks to the same themes as Mansions of time. I think Tim actually got much closer to the heart of what I had wanted to say than I was able to.

Scott Stump picked up the story I mentioned in A labor of love with Her graduation gift from dad: A 13-year labor of love  on MSNBC. I guess that headline just sort of wrote itself.


I’m going to stray into political waters for a moment to share a couple of links that are thought-provoking regardless of your position on the red-blue spectrum.

You’ve probably heard about the “Fast and Furious” scandal that recently led to the unprecedented vote by the House of Representatives to find U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder in civil and criminal contempt for refusing to turn over documents. (The Justice Department has declined to prosecute him). If you want to know all the gritty details, The truth about the Fast and Furious scandal by Katherine Eban for Fortune Magazine is a good place to start.

Not taking any sides on this one, but this clip from the new HBO series “The Newsroom” will really get you thinking. What makes a country great, and are we doing the very best of which we are capable? (NSFW: language). I don’t watch TV at all, but I almost would get a cable subscription just to watch Jeff Daniels get all riled up like this every week.


And finally, one more nod to Julia Child and we’ll call it good for today. 🙂


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