This one’s for my sister

Happy Birthday to my favorite sister! I won’t tell you her age, but I will say that in my mind she is forever young: strong, fit, clear-eyed, confident, ready to take on the world. Even when we’re both sitting in rocking chairs watching her great-grandkids play, I’m sure that is how I will see her.

Baby girl was “10 pounds of sugar” when she was born. Our parents like to joke that when they married, they wanted to have a dozen kids. Then they had the first one (our brother) and they said “well, maybe six kids.” After I was born, they decided to stop at three. Each of us was bigger than the last, and I think mom was getting very nervous!

Here we are very shortly after she arrived. I was five years old and remember being absolutely pinned in that lawn chair by this little bundle.

I was not big enough to even pick her up, let alone carry her around.

She was a good baby, as babies go … she always got the croup in the winter and she cried a lot, of course, but otherwise she was low-maintenance and easy to have around.

She was an absolutely adorable toddler, with her curly copper hair and her round cheeks. She demonstrated very early that she was strong, smart and oftentimes fearless. She was also very, very sweet, and everybody who met her loved her. Here she is just learning to walk.

She always had the cutest little booties … a baby can never have too many pairs!

She grew up to be a good student, a good athlete, an accomplished clarinet player, an artist, a world traveler, a chef, a nurse, a yogi, a wife and the mother of my two favorite kids. She’s a domestic wizard who creates beauty wherever she goes, she possesses a deep wisdom that sometimes takes my breath away, and she can see through to the essence of things like a cat sees in the dark. She is a blessing to me, to our family, to her own family and to the world.

Of course we had our fights and struggles when we were kids, and later on as well, but the storms always passed and I have never had a better friend, a truer confidant, or a stauncher ally. The longer I live, the more grateful I am that I was given a sister who knows my song and sings it to me when I forget, who has taught me how to love and fight with and reconcile with another person, and who always sees and believes in the best in me. She pushes me, she makes me laugh, she holds me when I cry, she loves me forever and ever. And I love her just the same.

Terry at 21 … ready to take on the world.

Happy Birthday, sister o’mine. I always have your back.


2 thoughts on “This one’s for my sister

  1. This is such a sweet and lovely tribute and I have happy grateful tears each time I read it that you have always taken such care to notice me. I love this and you very much. Thank you.

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