The lighter side

I read a lot of news every day. Not only my local newspaper, but also online: ABC, CNN, MSN, MSNBC, New York Times, USA Today, and more. Many more. And not surprisingly, most of the news is bad. Not for nothing do editors say “if it bleeds, it leads.” But of course, there are some good stories sprinkled in there, too, and here are a few I’ve seen lately that make me smile.

  • When Chris Hurn’s young son misplaced his beloved stuffed giraffe, Joshie, while on vacation at a Ritz-Carlton hotel, Hurn told the boy that Joshie was enjoying “an extra long vacation” there to help ease his distress. The hotel located and returned Joshie to the Hurns, along with a sweet souvenir that is sure to make you smile.
  • A potential tragedy for the Martinez family turned out joyfully instead when the Fresno SPCA stepped in to do the right thing for their gravely injured Weimaraner. Happy tears all around.
  • I love a good animal rescue story, and this one about an elderly draft horse named Katie Sue that fell into an abandoned well is heartwarming. Firefighters are my heroes!
  • Personally, I think it’s inspiring how far we have come as a society that the wedding of U.S. Rep. Barney Frank and Jim Ready was front-page news across the nation, reported simply as the celebration that it was. Nobody should have to live in silence, fear and shame simply because of whom they love.
  • Technology just keeps getting cooler! While the wearable iPhone concept could use some refining in how it attaches to the wearer, it’s still pretty neat. This might be the model that finally persuades me to get a smart phone.

No matter how much trouble and strife makes it into the headlines, there is still good in the world, real, honest good.


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