A trip to the river

It gets mighty hot in my town this time of year, over 100 degrees for days in a row. Fortunately, we have a nice river that runs through and is easy to get to. So last night we headed out under smoky orange skies to dip our toes in the water.

I let the dogs off the leash in the little park we went to, and they had a blast running and sniffing and making new friends with the other dogs and people alike.

Reggie loves playing in the water.

Even Rudy waded in several times.

He usually hates to get wet.

They were quite enthralled by the other (big) dogs chasing tennis balls thrown out into the river, and Reggie pestered at least one dog into dropping her ball repeatedly upon returning to shore. But neither dog is yet willing to swim, so I made her give the ball back.

The battery in my big camera needed charging so I used the little camera instead, and I am sadly disappointed by the pictures it took. I know it’s just a point-and-shoot, but I wish it would at least focus on the subject more than about two images out of ten. It also really didn’t capture the rich orange glow of the sky, but it tried …

This park had a bit of a rough spring with high, swift river flows that eroded the banks and exposed the stiff plastic webbed material they put in to try to prevent that. You can see some of it below; it is in place all along the water’s edge and makes it difficult for the dogs–well, for little dogs like mine, who were the only small dogs there among all the Labs and Golden Retrievers and assorted big mutts–to get in and out of the water in a lot of places.

I hope the parks people are able to do some rehabbing of the banks over the course of the summer, as we definitely will be going up there again. After all, the sweetest part of summer is putting your toes in the water.


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