Getting ready for the new year

The back-to-school sales have started, which means the changing of the seasons, the cooling of the weather, and the thunder of the drum line from the marching band practice over at the high school are all just around the corner. My life ran on the academic calendar for so long that I still consider September to be the start of each new year that is fresh and untouched, when everything seems possible.

If I had kids, I can imagine taking them shopping for school supplies and embarrassing them completely by gushing over all the cool new pens and insisting they get Pee-Chee folders even though nobody uses those anymore, and enthusiastically throwing gadget after gizmo into the cart while they chide me to just stick to the list their teacher gave them.

I finished my formal education 8 years ago with a master’s degree and don’t expect to be back in the classroom again any time soon. Okay, ever.

Even so, there’s a part of me that wants to go out and get a new backpack …

And some of those cool little Sharpie pens you can clip to things …

And a new fountain pen because …. well, just because I like them …

And some old-school notebooks because you can never have too many …

And an iPad because I’m not completely old-school …

And a Moleskine academic planner, just in case the iPad crashes …

And a pair of Nikes, of course, because that’s what you do …

And finally, a new bicycle, just because the old one’s looking kind of tired …

There! That should get me ready to step into September in style, school or no school.


3 thoughts on “Getting ready for the new year

  1. It IS the most wonderful time of the year … 😉 One item I see on all the lists this year that is new (to me) is hand sanitizer. Geez, kids are supposed to be germy and gross, not all sanitized and stuff!

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