Two pretty ladies

I want to follow up on my previous posts about my first dog and my grandma, with this picture of the two of them from 1998. They both look so happy; I can’t help but smile.


Georgia and Ruby

You’ve probably heard of the Rainbow Bridge where pets and their owners are reunited after death. I know it’s purely mythical, but I tell you what, I want to believe.

I don’t have any idea what happens to us when we die, of course, but I sure wish it were just like the poem says–we’d be restored to perfect health and reunited with every person and every animal we have ever loved.

I want to see my grandma talking and laughing and sewing and gardening and reading and cooking macaroni and cheese. I want to feel her silky-soft hands in mine and smell her perfume. I want to walk with her through the orchards and hear her stories of the past. I want to tell her I’m sorry I wasn’t there with her when she passed away. I want to hear her say, as she so often did, “I just love you kids.”

And I want to see my big black dog, the whole powerful, pain-free 110 pounds of her, running joyfully toward me when I whistle. I want to walk with her along the river and throw a stick into the water for her to fetch until my arm wears out. I want to feel her head resting in my lap and her big, soft ears in my hands.

I love the idea of these two pretty ladies waiting for me when it’s my time to make the crossing.


2 thoughts on “Two pretty ladies

  1. I’m so glad you posted this picture — I love it! Especially since it was taken at our apartment. (I still have that green quilt.) I imagine our Border Collies were lurking somewhere in the background.

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