Working hard in the yard

The sun is jaundiced and the air is hazy with smoke from nearby forest fires today, which, combined with a high of 100 degrees, makes for predictably atrocious air quality. Not a good day to be working outside, in other words, but that’s where I spent it.

About this time every year, I can no longer stand the raggedy state of my shrubs, so I get out my little electric trimmer and have at them.

I am not very good at topiary.

When I moved into my house, these bushes were trimmed to resemble four perfectly symmetrical wine glasses. Now, not so much.

I don’t like shrub trimming for two reasons. First, it’s physically exhausting anyway but in this heat, doubly so. And second, it’s dangerous because my shrubbery is full of wasp nests. I was lucky to escape attack from the several nests I hit and destroyed.

This unhappy crew lost its nest but is not going anywhere. I actually feel kinda bad for them, but know they won’t waste a minute before they start to rebuild.

The other casualty today besides the wasp nests, was, of all things, my shoe. I stepped backward to get away from a cloud of wasps and pulled the bottom right off it.

These Skechers are at least 12 years old and have done me great service through many weekends of yard work. I know they look like men’s work shoes, but they were the last word in women’s fashion back in the day.

I filled three 30-gallon bags with shrub trimmings and weeds that I pulled by hand, my back feels as if it might snap apart in several places if I bend it one more time, and many local wasps are homeless tonight because of my efforts. I just hope my yard appreciates it.


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