A grand day out

We are all a bit tired of our usual routine here in La Casita Bonita, so the dogs and I took a break today. I dropped them off at the local Camp Bow Wow this morning, which they were pretty darn excited about, and headed downtown to have lunch at one of my favorite cafés. From there, I wandered through one of the more touristy neighborhoods and checked out several antique stores. I also went to the local bike emporium and admired all the new Trek mountain bikes–so cool! One of these days I need to upgrade my old hardtail, but not today.

I used the camera in my phone to snap a few pics along the way. The quality is not great, but it gets the job done.

Smoke from forest fires in the region has been virtually suffocating our valley for the past week; the air quality right now is the worst it has been in many years. I haven’t wanted to walk the dogs for the past few days because my chest hurts when I’m outside–and I don’t even have asthma or any other lung issues. It’s just really that bad.

The city from atop a mesa east of town. Secondhand smoke kills!

The day warmed up considerably as I was out and about, and I was soon very sorry that I was wearing long pants instead of shorts. At the last antique store I visited, I laughed to see that somebody had arranged these vintage flashcards to spell out what we’re all really thinking about these days.

They were like this when I found them, I swear.

At that same store, I was pleased to find a couple of new little treasures to bring home, both for less than $20 (my favorite kind of treasure: cheap).

First, a cast-iron dog that looks a bit like a Schnauzer puppy.

I love the little tongue sticking out.

Second is a small Fenton hobnail fluted bud vase that matches one I already have in ruby glass. They are both now on my kitchen windowsill looking quite lovely.

I wonder how many other colors these come in?

I picked up the dogs at about 5 p.m. and was told they’d had themselves a marvelous time. We all had a cold drink and a cool bath when we got home and now we’re ready for dinner and a movie on DVD in front of the fan. It was a grand day out.


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