Shock and awe

I will admit, I have done little else today other than observe this blog and moderate the comments on my August 21 post about Diana Nyad, which was featured on the WordPress front page today (Freshly Pressed). My blog heretofore has been a cozy little secret between me and my family and friends, plus a couple of dozen blogger followers who have found me through WordPress (and I appreciate each and every one of you!). Let me show you my stats an hour before that post hit the front page (click image to enlarge):


This is what I typically see at the start of the day: zero. Only two days in the past month have seen more than 20 viewers.

But as soon as my post appeared on FP, the hits started. I thought I might get a couple of hundred visitors all day. Here are my stats from 20 minutes ago:

I am blown away by these numbers. Thank you so much to everyone who visited, commented, and Liked, and a warm welcome to several new followers. This has been a huge honor and validation for me as a writer and a blogger. I’ve enjoyed engaging with my readers in the comments, and am glad you liked what you read. I hope many of you will keep coming back (and please keep commenting; I love comments!), although I am certain I will not see a spike like that on my stats chart again until the next time I get Freshly Pressed. 😉


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