State Fair time!

Spaghetti ice cream, not as weird as it sounds.

The plan for today is to head up to the State Fair, which is so much bigger and better in every way than my home-town fair, I can hardly wait! Perhaps we will get to try some of these amazing culinary creations (go ahead, click the link and check out the slide show of all the goodies on Huffington Post). It’s simply amazing what they can do with a deep fryer nowadays.

Spaghetti ice cream? Pulled-pork parfait? Deep-fried Frito pie? I’m there! My arteries are just going to have to cowboy up and take one for the team today.

Look for pictures and a full report tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “State Fair time!

  1. spaghetti ice cream? i don’t get it and i’m not sure i want to. i went to the CNE in toronto and the shit they had there was so crazy..deep fried mars bar, deep fried oreos, funnel cake sundaes, funnel cake with bacon, nutella bacon…and my personal fave…deep fried butter. no word of a lie!

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