I miss real food

One of the things that I forget for most of the year is that tomatoes are sweet. I mean really sweet, like the fruit that they are. So are strawberries. And both have intense flavor and lots of juice! I forget this because the tomatoes and strawberries I get from my local supermarket are dry and flavorless. I appreciate a farmers’ market as much as the next foodie, but the ones in my town are not easy to get to so I generally stick with the supermarket fare and lower my expectations accordingly. I accept this as just how things are, but I often and keenly miss real food.

The mothership, on the other hand, shops almost exclusively at the farmers’ market, which is one of the many reasons I love to visit my folks. The only tomatoes allowed in this house are heirloom and homegrown. So delicious.

The real thing in the mothership’s garden, ready to pluck off the vine.

We had deconstructed spaghetti the other night, which I thought was just about the best thing ever. The noodles were dressed only with butter and garlic, and served a la carte along with chunks of heirloom tomatoes and rounds of spicy sausage so we each could assemble our own plate of pasta. Some fresh mango and peach salad spiked with fresh grated ginger on the side, vanilla ice cream topped with tiny fresh strawberries for dessert–not a speck of anything was left over.

I love summer at my folks’ house. We know how to eat well!



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