Laboring all day

I always like to make the most of a federal holiday dedicated to labor, so I’ve spent a productive day … many, many hours of the day … sorting out my house in preparation for the rainy season that is probably going to be late this year but you never know. As I mentioned yesterday, I flushed out the gutters and cleaned all the windows and doors. Only five windows and three doors but good heavens, what a job. First I took down and washed the screens, then cleaned the window frames and tracks, then washed the glass with Windex, then put the screens back up, then vacuumed and lubricated the inside tracks. I took out the screens and storm glass from the doors and cleaned those, as well as the door panels and frames.

I also gritted my teeth and knocked down the wasp nest on my storage shed early this morning (while the wasps were pretty much inert) so I could safely replace the tarp on the roof that leaks. My staple gun decided to give up the ghost midway through the job, which forced a second run to Home Depot, but otherwise it went smoothly. I did feel bad for the wasps that kept coming back to the spot where the nest had been, as I’m sure they were profoundly confused. But it had to be done.

The day will come when I will have to hire out this heavy seasonal work because I am beyond exhausted tonight and will hurt from head to toe for most of the rest of the week. But my back and arms are still strong enough to do what needs doing, and I’m very grateful for that.

I like being able to take care of my house, which takes care of me. Tomorrow I’ll get those windows finished (Windex the inside glass), mow the lawns, and pull a few weeds. There’s always more to do.

La Casita Bonita at night. So cozy.


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