Market day

A couple of my readers have been strongly encouraging me to make a trip to my local Saturday Market and take some pictures, since they’ve heard it’s pretty cool and want to vicariously check it out. I have trouble motivating myself out of bed on Saturday mornings, let alone out of the house, but today I finally managed to do both. I didn’t end up with a photo essay that encompasses the entire experience–you’ll have to come visit me and see it for yourself, guys–but here are a few pics that I hope give you a bit of a feel for it.

The first thing you need to know about the market it that no dogs are allowed. Heh. I saw at least 20 dogs there, including these unrepentant trespassers. Look at the big guy grinning!

They sell every kind of produce, of course, from apples to zucchini, but for me, the farmers’ market means just one thing: tomatoes!

If you can’t find a dreadlocked hippie at the market, you’re not even trying. This guy is actually a vendor for an organic farm, natch, and one very cool dude.

Two-time Olympic gold medalist, cyclist extraordinaire and genuinely nice person Kristin Armstrong was there signing autographs and making new friends as she does everywhere she goes. She is an amazingly inspirational woman.

I guess a local artist decided this bike rack needed a bit more color. I like it!

These late-summer days start off deceptively chilly but heat up nicely by noon. This kid knows how to stay cool. I was about ready to shuck my shoes and join her but decided to just head for the shade instead.

After a couple of hours of walking around in the sun, I was starting to feel like this little guy, who was snoozing on the seat of a rickshaw while his people played music for tips.

My haul for the day: two heirloom tomatoes ($4.50), one bag of fresh basil ($4), one breve Mexican mocha ($4.30) and a copy of the local alt weekly (free). I’m thinking Caprese salad for dinner tonight.


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