Butter fingers

Some days the gravity gets the better of me, but I haven’t had such bad luck with it in a long time as I did today.

The first casualty of my butter fingers was my tea kettle, which has been in my daily employ for more than 10 years now without a scratch or dent. It hit the floor on the way to the sink (before I heated it, fortunately) and now it will never look the same.

I am kind of particular about the appearance of my things, so am thinking I should get a new kettle even though I know this one will keep on doing what it does just perfectly for another 10 or 20 years or more even with this grievous damage. We’ll see how long I can tolerate looking at that dent every day.

This should have been an omen to me to avoid touching anything fragile, but I went ahead and cleaned up a bunch of glassware on my sideboard that has gotten rather dusty. I managed to get the wine glasses and champagne flutes safely washed and back on the shelf, but while trying to pick up a set of six cordial glasses all at once (three in each hand), one slipped from my hand from no more than an inch above the counter top and it was all over.

I even nearly dropped my camera trying to take this picture, so I’m going to avoid all fragile objects as well as driving and handling money for the rest of the day!


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