Make your mark

You might have heard that there’s a general election in November, just about a month away now. You have? Good, then I hope you are planning to vote. In fact, I hope you have already checked with your local elections office to ensure that your voter registration is current (especially if it’s been awhile since you punched a ballot), and maybe even located your voter registration card. Changes are afoot in this country with regard to the ballot box, and every U.S. citizen is well advised to check and double-check that your access to it will not be infringed on Election Day.

My voter’s guide came in the mail today, and I’m going to make some time this weekend to go through it and try to get a handle on the issues on the ballot in my city and my state. I generally vote along party lines for individuals, and tend to favor school levies when they come up, but sometimes I just have to guess when I don’t know anything about the issue at hand. That’s not a satisfactory execution of my duties as a citizen. My country asks me every two to four years to make my mark on a ballot and thereby make my voice heard in my government. The very least I can do is make a good-faith effort to educate myself about what I’m being asked to vote on so that I can fill out my ballot responsibly.


I hope you all will read your local voter’s guide, too, and give some serious thought to the issues facing your town, your state and your country. Whether you’re liberal or moderate or conservative, Democrat or Republican or Libertarian or Green, your voice needs to be heard. We’re all in this together.

And remember, after November 6: If you don’t vote, you can’t complain.


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