Bad, bad dogs

I gather from my rounds of the internet lately that dog shaming is now a thing. There are apparently a lot of very bad dogs out there whose frustrated owners are happy to tell the world just how naughty they’ve been and how sorry they are (or, more often, are not).

The source of it all is a tumblr called dog-shaming, but it’s spreading to all the animal sites. Here’s an altogether definitive video on the topic:

Even though my dogs can neither surf the internet nor read, of course, I would never “shame” them online. Besides, the worst I could say about Rudy is that he sometimes piddles in the house, and of course, Reggie eats poo. Otherwise, I think I’m really lucky to have two great dogs who make me proud.

Just a side note … I’ve gone through many, many pages on the dog-shaming site and haven’t seen a Schnauzer yet! Okay, okay, I think it’s pretty darn funny. Kinda mean, yes, but shoot, really funny.

We'd feel guilty if we weren't so adorable.


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