Making room

My new studio equipment is due to arrive on Friday, so I have to make room for it in the photo studio (formerly my guest room, which has never seen a guest, sadly).

The main thing I had to do is dismantle the bed frame and put it up for sale because I have no place to store it. The bed itself needed a bit of repair to be fit to resell or donate, as the cats I had years ago shredded the fabric covering the underside of the box spring. Being the occasionally crafty sort, I figured this was easily remedied with a staple gun and some fabric. Fortunately, I was right this time! (I am so often wrong about what I think will be an “easy” fix.) Two yards of sturdy polyester fabric, an hour of pinning and stapling, and it’s all good to go.

I have to find places for all the now homeless bedding and a couple of other pieces of furniture, then move in a big table on which I will set up my light tents and lights. Those and a tripod will be everything I need to do product photography, which is my area of specialization. How amazing that I can have a fully functioning photo studio in so little space with so little equipment–no dedicated darkroom with blacked-out windows and a curtained entrance, sink, trays of chemicals, safe light, timer, enlarger, paper, film, film rollers and canisters, drying lines–none of that bulky, expensive, smelly stuff that I remember from my high school yearbook and newspaper classes. While I very much appreciate the foundation I have in traditional film photography, I think digital photography is one of the best things that has happened in my lifetime, and I’m grateful every day for the technology that makes Shaw Pro Photo possible.

And speaking of that, while I was busy fixing the box spring, software was downloading to my computer one program after another. I now have Photoshop, Lightroom, InDesign, Illustrator, and a few other programs from the Adobe Creative Cloud, which is the neatest idea in software I think I’ve ever seen. I bought a monthly subscription that allows me to access all their programs rather than buying individual ones, which is a huge savings for me. Plus, I get to try programs I never otherwise would, such as the video editing software, just because I can. I am looking forward to doing a whole bunch of cool stuff with those tools.

It’s exciting, all these changes happening. A little scary too, and a little sad when I have to give up something I’ve had and loved for a long time, like that bed. But it isn’t doing me any good just sitting there, and I really need the space. We nearly always have to give up something old in order to make room for something new.


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