Stepping back

I have another paid assignment tomorrow night, photographing a large contingent of teenagers and a stretch Hummer limo for Homecoming. I am quite excited! And for this assignment, I realized I needed a bit more equipment than I usually carry in my little Nikon camera bag, so I dug through my closet and came up with my original reporter’s camera bag, circa 1989.

Camera bag

Do please note the Sandra Boynton “KEEP SMILING” badge. My favorite part.

I had to shake out some cobwebs and battery corrosion crud, but it’s all cleaned up now and stocked with two flash units, several extra battery packs, cables, extra SD cards, and assorted accessories. This is a good sturdy unit that has ten thousand miles on it, easily, and is still everything you could want a camera bag to be.

There are few things I miss about my days as a newspaper reporter, but this bag is one of them. It was my constant companion both in and out of the newsroom, and I was sorry to put it away when I left the service of the fourth estate. For all that I’m acquiring and doing new things, it’s nice to know there’s still a place, and a use, for some of my old things.



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