Time to make some changes

I’ve kind of let my days run me rather than the other way around lately, and I need to put a stop to that. It’s time to make some changes so that I can get more done and feel better doing it.


First, I will schedule time every day for yoga and at least four days a week to go to the gym. I spend way too much time sitting in front of a computer and not enough time stretching and strengthening. They say sitting all day will kill you quicker than most stuff, and considering how I feel after several hours at my desk, I believe it.

Second, I will complete four lessons a week in the self-study web design class I’m taking so that I can be ready to sit for the exam before Christmas. Self-study courses take some serious discipline, which I thought I had in spades … until I started this course, ha. But I have nipped my tendency to procrastinate in the bud by drawing up a schedule and plugging all the reminders into both my computers to help me stay on track.

Along with that class, I will spend structured time each week experimenting with my camera and with Photoshop so that I become fluent in their use instead of hitching and staggering as I sometimes do now to get to where I want to go. Both the camera and the software are enormously powerful and have many, many features that can help me do great things … as soon as I figure out how. I have a plan for how to do that, which involves some online video tutorials and a boatload of practice.

Oh yes, and I am also going to get an earlier start on writing my daily blog posts because I feel like I’m giving them short shrift trying to pull something–anything–together at 10 o’clock at night. I did say rather early on that I didn’t want to just “wing it” here and hope for the best, and I still don’t. I haven’t quite worked out a plan for that, but it’s going to happen because I have been staying up way too late these past few weeks!

So now I’m off to bed with all those rosy visions of self-discipline and progress dancing in my head.

Intention vs. Reality

Well, let’s hope for the best, shall we?


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