Sheltered from the storm

Here where I live, the skies are sunny, the breezes are gentle, and the thermometer currently stands at 70°F. Traffic is light around town and all the shelves in all the stores are fully stocked. If it weren’t for the internet, I’d hardly know that heavy weather–let alone unspeakable disaster–was happening anywhere in this country (I don’t watch television and only rarely listen to the radio). The lead story on the front page of the local paper was about heavy trick-or-treating traffic in the swanky neighborhoods here in town and how much work that is for the residents.

What’s happening on the east coast right now is horrendous, although of course we’ve seen many images like that before from New Orleans and Haiti and Japan and so many other unfortunate locales hammered by Mother Nature. Is it getting worse? Of course it is.

Weather forecast

I’m just very grateful today to live in a place that enjoys comparatively mild weather, and to have nothing more pressing to worry about around my house than getting the leaves raked up in my front yard pretty soon. I am grateful to be safe and sound here at home, sheltered from most of life’s heavy weather. Standing between me and the storms are my house, my dogs, my wonderful family and friends, and a whole trunk full of skills and talents with which I can create beautiful things. I am blessed and I know it.

I think I shall make a donation to the Red Cross today in the amount that I would otherwise spend on Halloween candy and decorations and pumpkins. It’s the least I can do.


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