Restarting, again

I did really well with my “turn over all the new leaves” program, for one week. All that, um, enthusiasm I took with me to the gym cost me dearly, though, in sore-to-the-touch muscles that are only now achieving their full range of motion again. I hadn’t lifted weights in more than 8 months, so no wonder I overdid it. As a result, I didn’t go to the gym at all last week because, however beneficial mild exertion might be for sore, overworked muscles, I wasn’t about to find out how it might feel.

However, tomorrow we begin another week with another chance to restart and get back on track. Each subsequent workout will be a little bit easier.


It seems to me that my life is nothing but a series of restarts. I’ve had to restart my career too many times to count, as well as my diet, my fitness routine, and several of my relationships. Life moves in cycles, circles and spirals rather than in a straight line. Sometimes I wish I could just pick a track and stay on it for the duration, but that is really not my nature. While I often complain that I hate change, I also absolutely require change insofar as I require challenges, and routines that never change present no challenges. I want to live a vibrant life, not one so predictable that I can tell you where I’ll be and what I’ll be doing every day from now until I retire or die.

My career is restarting right now as I transition to self-employed commercial photographer, and I’m sorting out exactly what my new job description is and how best to do it. My body is rebooting, in a way, as it ages into its next phase, and this is going to require some fundamental revisions of my activity levels and nutrition in order to maintain good health. The nation and the world are changing dramatically, too, and nobody knows yet exactly what all those changes will require of each one of us individually, but they’re likely to be challenging (to say the least).

I do need challenges in my life, yes, but I don’t think that too many at once is any better than too few. I am trying to keep my focus on the things that matter most: my health, my family and friends, my work, my home and my dogs. Each day I must begin again in my endeavors to do my best for all of us.


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