50 other ways to say “I love you”

I got to thinking today about the current custom of saying “love ya” or “luvyabye” at the end of every phone call with members of one’s family. For many people, it’s so rote that they say it to clients or telemarketers by mistake, and it’s often the only time they say those words and the only way they say them.

Now, I am not at all opposed to saying or hearing the words “I love you,” but it occurs to me that there might be other expressions that convey the same sentiment without the canned effect. Nothing sappy or flowery or ambiguous, just sincere appreciation and support.

If somebody said these words to you on a regular basis, wouldn’t you feel loved? I sure would. (Ordering is alphabetical for lack of a better idea.)

  1. Call me if you need me.
  2. Call me when you get there.
  3. Count on me.
  4. Don’t worry, I’ve got you.
  5. How was your day? [and then really listens to the answer]
  6. I enjoy spending time with you.
  7. I feel safe when you’re around.
  8. I hear what you’re saying.
  9. I just called to say I’ll be a few minutes late; I didn’t want you to worry.
  10. I knew you could do it, I never doubted you.
  11. I know you are a big fan of ballet/boxing/cat shows and I’m really not, but I’ll go with you at least one time.
  12. I like your friends.
  13. I see that you’re upset, so let’s talk about it.
  14. I sleep better when you’re next to me.
  15. I think you look terrific no matter what you wear/weigh.
  16. I trust you.
  17. I understand.
  18. I want to grow old with you.
  19. I want to meet your family.
  20. I want you to meet my family.
  21. I was wrong and I apologize.
  22. I would like to spend more time with you.
  23. I’ll drive you to [or pick you up at] the airport.
  24. I’m not going to stay friends with somebody who is not nice to you.
  25. I’d bet on you in any race, any day.
  26. I’ll be here when you’re done.
  27. I’ll wait with/for you.
  28. I’ve made plans for us to celebrate your birthday/our anniversary/any occasion that is special to you.
  29. Let me help you.
  30. Let me stay with you.
  31. Please/thank you/you’re welcome [every time]
  32. Stay with me.
  33. Wake me up when you get home.
  34. We don’t have to go if you don’t want to.
  35. We make a good team.
  36. We’ll get through this together.
  37. Whatever happens, I’m on your side.
  38. You always come first with me.
  39. You can have the first/last bite, the first shower, the biggest piece of cake, etc.
  40. You did a great job, and I’m so proud of you.
  41. You did the right thing.
  42. You have beautiful eyes/hair/hands/feet/lips/etc. [whatever body part the other person is insecure about]
  43. You’re a good person and I’m proud of you.
  44. You’re always beautiful/handsome in my eyes.
  45. You’re a winner in my book.
  46. You’re a wonderful son/daughter/dad/mom; your parents/kids are lucky to have you.
  47. You’re an awesome cook/driver/dancer/provider, etc.
  48. You’re smart; I know you can help me figure this out.
  49. You’re so good with the kids.
  50. You’ve been working hard today, so let’s go out and do something fun tonight.

3 thoughts on “50 other ways to say “I love you”

  1. This is outstandly good. I am so deeply moved to see what depth you have in the language of love. I am tremendously grateful to share a close and loving lifelong relationship with yourself who understands the many facets of caring for another and articulates them so beautifully.

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