Thank you, WordPress

Many thanks to the WP Story Wrangler who selected yesterday’s post to be Freshly Pressed. Of all the posts I’ve written so far, this is the one I am most pleased to present to the FP audience because it comes so truly from my heart.

Many, many thanks to everyone who has viewed, liked and commented on that post. You have made not only me feel special today, but also the two most important people in my life. I know they are as touched by all your kind words as I am, and I am grateful to you as much on their behalf as on my own.

You all comprise an amazing, supportive, welcoming blogging community of which I am proud to be a member. Thank you so much for reading.



2 thoughts on “Thank you, WordPress

    • I know! 🙂 But I wasn’t sure whether you guys like to remain anonymous, so I didn’t use your name.

      My folks told me they read through all the comments and they both cried. What a great gift for them from you and the whole WP world. Thanks again, from all of us. 🙂

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