A grand tour of WordPressland

My second Freshly Pressed hit-fest is over … the stats graph has flat-lined for the past several hours and everybody has moved on to the next new thing.

I told a friend recently that the FP experience is like throwing the Best Party Ever that was attended by every person I ever knew along with hundreds of interesting strangers from around the world, then waking up alone the next day. It’s sure great fun while it lasts, though, and I want to say thanks again to all y’all out there, especially the folks who have just started following me. Welcome! šŸ™‚

So, I have spent several hours this afternoon and evening returning the favor to many people who visited me and have been going through the recent “liked your post” emails and clicking through to the links on your blogs to see what you are writing about. I didn’t get to everyone, but I have enjoyed a grand tour of this little corner of the blogosphere and have been much entertained by it. If my eyes and fingers were not so tired now from all the reading and clicking and commenting I’ve been doing, I’d give you a full summary with links and examples, but you’ll just have to take the tour yourself one of these days. There’s so much to see!

I’ve taken a peek at blogs by teachers, ministers, journalists, poets, photographers, professors, students (lots of students), moms and dads, senior citizens, teenagers, Christians, Buddhists, dog lovers, cat lovers, crafters, beer makers, travelers and cooks. I haven’t seen every possible angle and topic yet, but I think I got a good overview, and found a few new ones to follow as well.

It’s quite impressive, this community of brave people who put our words and images out there to show the world. It’s nice to meet you on your pages and I hope I will see you again on mine.



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