Counting my blessings

sighThe lottery odds were not in my favor last night, and I am not among those holding a winning ticket in any game today. Not that I’m surprised, but there’s always that little bit of a let-down when I realize it’s not gonna happen. Again.

I should be glad I didn’t win because now I don’t have to worry about anybody suing me, or trying to kidnap or kill me, or stealing from me, or any of those terrible things that happen to people who suddenly have a lot of money.



Okay now, for real, let’s look at all the reasons I don’t need to win the lottery:

  • I own my home, a very nice little house that I just adore.
  • I am in good health, and I have good health insurance.
  • All my faculties are in good working order, even if I do need to wear my reading glasses pretty much all the time now.
  • All my family members are in good health, and they love me.
  • I share my life with two of the best dogs in the world, who are also in good health, and they love me.
  • I have terrific friends and neighbors who love me (and I trust are in good health).
  • As mentioned yesterday, I have food in the fridge, gas in the car, and a little bit of money in the bank.
  • The lights are on, the house is warm, the bills are paid.
  • I have a camera, a computer, an internet connection and a blog–there’s potentially no limit to the audience I can reach! 😉

So really, I lack for nothing. And I’m very grateful for that.


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