Music all around the world

In my youth, I was an avid consumer of music. I bought a lot of cassette tapes, and I listened to the radio constantly. I knew all the words to all the songs they played. I am an ’80s kid and I still love ’80s music.


Somewhere along the way, though, I lost touch with music. With the rise of hip-hop and rap, I couldn’t find songs with lyrics I could understand or melodies that I could hum except on country radio, so I mostly listen to that when I listen at all (for which I get a good bit of ribbing from my friends). At some point in or just after college, I mostly quit buying any new music, and I haven’t listened to the radio regularly in years because their playlists are so short that when I do turn it on and I hear the same song three times in three hours, I quit listening again for weeks. I have an iPod, but it hasn’t been updated in a few years and I’m kind of tired of the 1,100 tunes on there.

HOWEVER, I have found the cure for this malaise and its name is Internet radio via iTunes.

I just yesterday discovered that there are thousands of radio stations from all over the world available on iTunes, and it’s free to listen. So I can rock out to the ’80s hits all day long if I want to, or I can check out Eurodisco, or gospel, or Irish pub music, or oldies like Frank Sinatra and Louie Prima, or nothing but the Beatles. Gospel, bluegrass, country, African, Hawaiian, inspirational Latino, movie scores, ballroom music, swing, oldies, contemporary, jazz, even talk and sports if I get tired of music–it’s all there.

I have been starving for good music and didn’t even know it until I found this service. The few radio stations in my town have, as I said, short playlists and zero imagination, so I have been thinking for far too long that there’s little or no good music out there anymore. Ha. Nothing could be farther from the truth, and I look forward not only to hearing more of it and updating my iPod with all the megabytes of music it will hold.

One song I found today thanks to a tip from Oregon Expat is this gem, a powerful performance of “Believe” by 16-year-old Ella Henderson on The X Factor that made the judges cry and had me in tears, too.

Ah, the power of music. What a beautiful thing.


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