It’s been a long week

I have been working hard all week on my photography website, and it’s finally taking shape. Although I’ve been diligently studying my web design course materials and have learned a lot, I still wish I had far more sophisticated programming skills. I’ve come a long way, but still have a long way to go.

It’s tremendously challenging for me to deal with code that behaves differently depending on where it’s placed on the page because illogical behavior (even–or perhaps especially–from code) is something I simply cannot abide. I had formatted my page links to display as white text on a red background in one place, and as red text on a white background in another place (they were in different divs, for those of you who speak HTML, and they were formatted in a linked style sheet). I checked my coding dozens of times to ensure that I had coded the colors correctly, and they did display correctly in Design view in Dreamweaver. When I previewed the pages in my browser, though, all the links were white, so the ones on the white background disappeared. This took me hours to resolve today, with much swearing and hair pulling. But resolve it I did, finally. Turns out each state of each link has to be styled separately even though they described the same result; I had been combining the a:link and a:visited descriptions. That was probably more than you needed or wanted to know about web design. 😉

I’m glad it’s finally Friday, and I think a weekend of rest spent far away from both my computers might be just the ticket.

Gary Larson cartoon

Tomorrow night I’m going to host my neighbor for a crab feed since it’s crab season, and we are going to eat well! Otherwise, I have no plans for the weekend apart from sleeping until I get hungry and eating until I get sleepy.


3 thoughts on “It’s been a long week

  1. Haha, now I know what motivates you guys to comment: FOOD! If I changed the name of this blog to “Gorging Fully: Stories from the Kitchen,” my readership would undoubtedly skyrocket. 😉 I’ll try to remember to take good pics of the crab before we demolish it.

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