Christmas cards

Posting Christmas cards–you know, with an envelope and a stamp and everything–is a something I’ve done since I was in high school. I always searched long and hard to find just the right card design, and was faithful about getting them into the mail to arrive by December 24. I love sending them and love receiving them.

But cards in the mail are one more vanishing tradition, killed by the internet. So, rather than standing next to my empty mailbox and mourning, I am going to post our card here tonight for all of you, as well as on Facebook, and email it to everyone I know who isn’t on Facebook, and call it good. Because I went to get my cards printed at the local superstore this evening and they came out with a most unattractive magenta cast that the clerk who just pushes the buttons on the photo machine was completely at a loss to either explain or correct and for which I was not willing to pay. So I have no Christmas cards to put in the mail this year, is what I’m trying to tell you.

But not to worry! Since there are no space limits online, I can share with you several pics from our Christmas photo shoot, which was done by my good friend Eryn Turner, who did a lovely job of making us look good.

First, a few that didn’t make the cut but that I really like …


One dog yawned right after the other. Couldn’t let that opportunity go to waste!

Shaw (2)

This one was a very close contender for the final pick.

Shaw (14)

I love my dogs!

Shaw (3)

Rudy wandered away, I guess.

Shaw (6)

What pretty pooches!

Shaw (11)

They were amazingly cooperative … thanks to that treat hovering just out of the top of the frame …

Shaw (12)

Rudy gets embarrassed while Reggie checks out the props.

Okay, for real now, here is the Shaw family 2012 Christmas portrait:

Shaw (13)

A very Merry Christmas to all of you from all of us!

Some of these pictures look a little fuzzy on my screen. Sorry about that. Click any image to see a somewhat larger, considerably crisper version.




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