The sleep zone

Being a guest in someone else’s home always requires some give and take on the part of both the host and the guest. When I’m at my parents’ house, we negotiate around the thermostat. It can get tricky.


In my house, the thermostat is set to 68 degrees at night and I am bundled up under a mountain of covers. With the help of a heating pad at my feet, I manage to sleep pretty well at that temperature, which is as low as I am ever willing to go, summer or winter.

Each of us has a remarkably narrow thermal comfort zone, I’ve learned. Mine is approximately 70 to 75 degrees. I can only tolerate temps lower than 70 in the house if I am under the aforementioned mountain of covers. If it gets higher than 75, I start getting all kinds of crabby.

My folks do not occupy this zone.

Here, I also sleep bundled up under a mountain of covers but shiver all night at their preferred nighttime temperature of 62 degrees. So last night I bumped up the thermostat to 65 before retiring (thinking they’d never even notice) and slept quite comfortably. They, however, were both up in a miserable sweat at 4:30 this morning, completely cooked out of their own beds.

Amazing the difference 3 degrees can make, eh? Sorry, guys!


I don’t want them to have another miserable night on my account, nor do they want me to have one on theirs, so we found a heating pad for my feet and they have cranked the dial back down to where they like it to be. A little give, a little take, and we’re all happy again. 🙂



2 thoughts on “The sleep zone

  1. I wish that my family could agree to lower, more comfortable temperatures. Unfortunately both of my parents like to keep the place really hot. I woke up one night in a horrible sweat. I wasn’t wearing heavy pajamas and I didn’t have mountains of covers on me, so I wasn’t sure what the deal was. Then I went to the thermostat and saw that it was cranked up to 80! Who sleeps in 80 degree temps? I only want it that warm if I’m sleeping on a beach or next to a pool where I can take a quick dip to cool off! Insane.

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