A clever new toy

I’ve been wanting a backup camera that has some different features than my Nikon but can still take RAW files and has both a good zoom and a good macro mode. I decided on the FujiFilm FinePix HS30EXR, which I found today at Costco for a price that made me very happy.


Fuji makes a fine camera, and before I made the jump to a DSLR, I had a Fuji S6000 that did quite a respectable job. So I thought I knew how this new unit worked and started snapping away with it as soon as the battery was charged.

Funny thing, though … Fuji has come a long way with their cameras, and this new one is pretty darn clever. I pushed all the buttons but still got confounded by a couple of things, so I finally had to consult the manual.

Looky here, this camera has a different mode for every type of shot you might want to take, and maybe a few you haven’t even thought of yet. Case in point (click image to see a larger version):


Separate modes for dogs and cats! Who knew they required it?

I took this shot of Rudy on the couch from the other side of the room (well zoomed in). I think the dog mode did a very nice job of capturing his handsome face.

rudy-on-the-couchThis camera is going to be a great addition to my studio, I can tell already.


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