Auld lang syne

That traditional New Year’s song, “Auld Lang Syne,” speaks of nostalgia and “days gone by,” a nod to the past that is both a bit happy and a bit sad.

My New Year’s Eve was like that. No party hats, no dancing, no music, no alcohol. I sat up until a few minutes after midnight talking with my parents about the past and the future, with a tear or two thrown in for good measure. We made a fire in the fireplace and wrote down the things we want to release from 2012, then tossed the notes into the flames. We watched the fire die down, and talked some more. We calmed the dogs when the fireworks went off. Then we all hugged and headed off to bed. That’s how we roll. 😉

The transition from year to year is always a little happy and a little sad for me. It reminds me that time is flying past and none of us is getting any younger. It pushes me to let go of the losses and disappointments of the past year and dial up some new plans and dreams for the coming year. It presents me with 365 fresh, unspoiled days in which anything could happen. This could be the year.

I’m glad to see 2012 behind me. It was, to say the least, not my best year. I hope 2013 brings to fruition all the ventures I started nurturing in 2012, though. We have a long way to go, but I think we can get there.

I spent today traveling from my parents’ house to my house, a 9-hour trip that gives me plenty of time to think, reflect, plan, brood or dream. I did some of each. I’m now back home safely, unpacked, fed and watered, and ready to hit the hay. Tomorrow we’re going to take 2013 by the horns and get ‘er done.


Best wishes to all of you for peace, prosperity and dreams come true in 2013.


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