A survival kit for the heart

Here are six things to help you when you need them most:


An eraser, to rub out your mistakes.


A penny, so you’ll never be broke.


Marbles, in case anybody accuses you of having lost yours.

rubber band

A rubber band, to help you remember to stretch yourself.


String, to tie things together when everything is falling apart.


A kiss, to remind you that someone cares about you.

I am thinking of putting all these objects into a little pouch or box to carry with me as a reminder that I am blessed, I am strong, I have a terrific support system, and good things are coming my way. Because sometimes life can be, to say the least, a tad discouraging of even the most optimistic hearts (and mine is certainly not one of those).

The most important part, as far as I’m concerned, is the kiss! We all need to be reminded daily that we are loved, that we matter, that we have a place in somebody’s heart.

If you know someone who is struggling or discouraged, perhaps sending them this little kit will help. Or at least send them the link to this post, and tell them you’re thinking of them. 🙂

This idea comes from my mother, who might have acquired it elsewhere but I’ll give her all the credit anyway because her mission in life is to give love, support and encouragement wherever the need may arise.



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