And, we’re live

That email I was expecting so that I could launch my website didn’t arrive last night, so I had to contact the company to get it sorted, but sorted it is. And, we’re live tonight–come on over and take a look!


Of course, I am not a web designer by training or temperament, so there are no bells or whistles to be found on this site. Besides, I like clean, uncluttered layouts. Really a lot. When I have a larger portfolio and/or either better web design skills or the funds to pay someone who does, I plan to add a multimedia image gallery. Lots to look forward to.

So, I would like to ask a favor of those of you who follow this blog, all 162 of you dear sweet souls. 🙂 If you are on Facebook and you could visit my business Facebook page and Like the page, that would help me a lot. Even if only 1 in 10 of you Like it, I’ll be stoked, so please–be the one! And I promise, I will only ask you this once.

This is quite a big day for my little business, now that we’re out there on the internet where anybody in the world can find us. When I had another small business many years ago, the only comparable day was when the new local telephone directory came out with my ad in it. But back then, that single 1″ ad in the yellow pages consistently brought in 80% of my revenue, and a 1″ classified ad in the local university’s student newspaper brought in the rest. It was a simpler time.

We (and that is the royal “we,” not the plural “we,” of course) are ready to go forward in a big way with business and with life!

I've been checking my figures, hen, and I think you've got it in you to fly! ~ Mac from "Chicken Run" (slightly fabricated)


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