New photo gadget

I ordered a pop-up flash bounce from Photojojo that arrived today, which I think is a pretty clever little accessory, albeit a tad overpriced for what it is. If I were a craftier sort of person, I could probably rig up one of my own, but I was willing to give this a try.


It’s lightweight, easy to install, and does what is says on the tin, as the Brits say: slips easily onto the flash shoe and reflects the built-in flash above and behind the camera.

A couple of cons: I don’t think it does nearly as good a job of lighting a room as a regular flash unit pointed straight up; and when I’m standing behind the camera taking the shot, it flashes straight into my eyes.

However, when I don’t want flash highlights on the product, or when the camera and I disagree about whether to use the flash and it won’t let me turn it off (which, surprisingly, happens more often than I would have expected from a DSLR), this will help a lot.

Photojojo is a cute and clever company. I was puzzled by this warning sticker on the box they sent:

warningThey were right!


My very own little dinosaur–just what I’ve always wanted! Now I need to take a pic of him admiring himself in the new gadget and send it in to the company.

*wanders away from computer, fools around in studio for half an hour, returns*

Oh, what the heck. Here you go:

me so handsome!


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