We’ve had a lot of snow the past couple of weeks, and although the sun comes out during the day (some days), it never gets warm enough to melt. Our county does not plow residential side streets such as the one on which I live, so all the streets in my neighborhood are still coated white with a sheet of hard-packed snow over ice that is deceptively slippery. I watched a guy in a tiny little car come around our corner too fast this morning, and his car slid half a block before it gracefully swept around 180 degrees (fortunately without hitting anything). He looked a bit wide-eyed as he drove back the way he came to the intersection, carefully turned around, and proceeded on his way at a much saner speed.

The sidewalks that haven’t been cleared (which is most of them) are as snowy and slippery as the streets, so the dogs and I are not keen on stepping out, especially when the warmest it gets all day is a little over 20 degrees and the wind is blowing. In the past two weeks, I think we’ve gotten out twice, and each time both the dogs have ended up limping home with ice balls between their toes. Not fun for woman nor beast.

schnauzers in the snow

Reggie likes to play in the snow, at least until her feet clog up; Rudy prefers not to take the chance of anything bad like that happening to his feet in the first place!

We’re not due for a daytime high temperature above freezing for at least a week. The dogs are getting restless without their walks (not me; I am happy to forego freezing my face off), so I’m not sure how many more days I can keep them in before they start tearing up the furniture (Reggie) or peeing on it (Rudy). Winter’s lots of fun and all, of course it is, and I love the snow, really I do! But I prefer snow that melts away (at least on the streets) after a few days.

If we can’t get out by mid-week, I may send them to play for the day at Camp Bow-Wow. They’d love that! I’d come to pick them up and they’d be all like “oh hai, why don’t you just leave us here and come back in the spring?” Heh. Tempting, but no. How the heck would I ever stay warm enough to sleep at night without both dogs draped over me?

I love winter. Really, I do.


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