At least it’s a dry cold

My house faces south, and on some days the roof gets warm enough for the snow on it to melt a bit. The drip line at the front of the house cuts through a shrub (maybe a daphne?) near my front porch.


This ice sculpture has been in place for about four days now. This is, again, facing south, full sun, middle of the day–notice there is not a trace of melting. The ice will evaporate before it melts at the rate we’re going. A dry cold is better than a damp cold, I will concede, but even so it can be very challenging.

The dogs and I managed a 20-minute walk today, but it was bitter from start to finish. I can’t keep my hands warm in spite of new fleece gloves from REI. The colder my fingers get, the crankier I get. Not sure how I will remedy this but I think I must because the dogs both just went bananas with excitement as soon as I picked up their leashes this afternoon. Silly little things.


5 thoughts on “At least it’s a dry cold

  1. I’m in Spain on vacation right now, and it is cold! I’ve never been this cold in my entire life. Thankfully, I’ve mastered the art of layers. Pretty much I just wear everything I packed in alternating order. It works.

    That is an awesome ice sculpture, but I’m excited for spring. Granted, back home it’s still in the 80’s. But it’s too cold everywhere else! And you are right… the gloves don’t do much.

    • December seemed to be rather too warm here, and January so far is proving to be quite too cold! We are at 5 degrees this morning and everything is covered with huge frost crystals. It’s really pretty, but brrrrrrr!

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