The day went zip!

I just looked at the clock and oh my heck, it’s nearly 11 and I don’t know where my evening went. How does that happen?


Today was pretty well packed, I guess is what happened, and busy days go by fast. I took the dogs to Camp Bow Wow, which just opened a new camp down the street from me, so they could run off some of their ya-yas that have accumulated during this recent deep freeze when we have not been walking. Since the facility is so new, there were only a few dogs there all day, but the staff assured me they had a great time.

While the house was quiet, I tackled a couple of long-delayed home improvement projects, including recaulking the tiles in the kitchen with silicone since the original latex caulk had shrunk, and also recaulking around the sink because my contractor did such a poor job of it when he replaced the kitchen counters a few years ago. Then, just for good measure, I did some more caulking in the bathroom because I had the material in hand and caulking is kind of fun. 😉

Another of my projects was assembling two tall bookcases for my living room. They are solid wood and very heavy, so my back is feeling its exertions and I am ready for bed.

The dogs hit the couch and started snoring the minute they got home from camp; I had to shake them awake for dinner, which they scarfed down and then headed right back to the couch. I think we will all sleep soundly tonight.



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