Nothing to do here

I am so frustrated today that I can’t go help my parents with their house!


Why not? Because my city is encased in ice right now, road conditions between here and there are not great, and it’s an 8-hour drive even in good weather. Also, their house is uninhabitable (not a bed or piece of soft furniture escaped destruction), and what would I do with my dogs? So I can’t go. But I want to. I wish I could help. Cleaning, organizing and sorting things out are where I really excel, and there is plenty of that to be done. I’m no good at hanging drywall or replacing subflooring or laying carpet, though. It will be awhile before I could really do anything other than stand around wringing my hands.

Besides, my mother says they’re getting plenty of help from the most unlikely sources, “one miracle after another.” I know they’re being taken good care of, and this is all going to get fixed soon and be even better than it was before.

In the meantime, I am rearranging the furniture in my own house and feeling restless.



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