Never-ending clutter busting

So, all those tidy piles I was going to dispose of this weekend? Most of them are still lurking in my house, waiting for their chance to acquire yet more layers. I tried to bust them, I really did, and I actually made a bit of progress–the coffee table is clear, along with one surface in my studio, and the kitchen sideboard was clear until I moved the pile from the table over there. Oops.


It was the pile of recipes on top of my cookbooks that undid me. I tried to sort them, filter them, file them, bring some kind of order to the mess, but there were just too many. I tossed several that I know I will never make (such as anything containing sweet potato; what was I thinking?) and typed up some of the handwritten ones on the computer so I could toss the little index cards. After a couple of hours, though, I just assembled what remained back into a (somewhat smaller, somewhat tidier) pile and put it back. A project for another day.

I did complete my 2012 filing and created my 2013-2014 file box, so I won’t have to worry about that for awhile.


Tidy files.

It seems like no matter how many times I comb through the piles in my office, especially, I just can’t determine the right place for every single piece of paper, so a lot of them just sit there, waiting for me to need them again someday. Where do I put photographs from the 1990s so that I can find them again? That sheet of return address labels that PETA sent me in hopes of securing a donation seems useful, but where should it go? What about that notice I received from my insurance company that says they billed me in error one month last year–should I even keep that? And so on and so on.

Oh well, I think I had a productive weekend nonetheless. I did yet more caulking, this time in the guest bath, which was a big project. I did four loads of laundry, walked and bathed the dogs since the sun finally came out and thawed most of the snow to dirty slush, went grocery shopping, made dinner for my neighbor and myself last night (crab sandwiches and salsa soup, again, because they were such a hit last time), and even completed a paid project for a client. And I now have at least two clear horizontal surfaces in my house to show for my clutter busting efforts, so I think it was a good job in all.


3 thoughts on “Never-ending clutter busting

  1. Yes, decluttering is so overwhelming that I get weak on the knees whenever I see piles of clutter all around my room. Congratulations in being able to start it. As for me, I have to start all over again for this year.

    • One pile, one surface, one shelf, or one drawer at a time gets the job done. Trying to do my entire house or even a whole room in one go would have me either crying in the corner or running away screaming in no time. 😉

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