Inexplicable American holidays

Americans are prone to believing some seriously weird hokum, and the whole Groundhog Day thing is right at the top of the heap.

Why would anyone believe, in 2013, that the visibility (or lack thereof) of the sun over the head of some celebrity rodent in Pennsylvania can predict the weather for the entire nation? Why is there a huge tourism industry built around this animal and its handlers? Why was a movie made about it? Why does anyone care? The weather is always going to be what the weather is going to be. Winter always ends with the Vernal Equinox in March, no sooner. Ever.

The groundhog and his annual antics tell us nothing except that we are a bunch of gullible rubes who love a good show above everything else.

Darn right you are.

“Darn right you are, Bub.”

That said, I’d just like to add: I hope he’s called it. I’m really tired of winter.

Image courtesy of Associated Press.



2 thoughts on “Inexplicable American holidays

  1. As someone trying to eke out a living in a small tourist town, I can totally understand why the folks in Punxsatawney are exploiting the heck out of that homely fur ball.

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