My little grey shadow

Rudy is a most devoted doggie, there can be no doubt about that. He keeps close tabs on me wherever I am in the house and gets himself as close to me as he can. I decided to put him through his paces tonight for the sake of my art, which he was gracious enough to indulge. The following pictures were all taken over a 20-minute span.

When I was working on the PC in the office, he was sleeping on the rocking chair.


I went into the studio to work on the Mac for a minute and he followed right along, promptly curling up and going back to sleep.


When I had to take a bio break, within seconds he headed straight up on my bed, which is right outside the bathroom door.


He might be on to me at this point. Notice his “Yoda ears” sticking straight out rather than being cocked forward as they are when he is relaxed.

I went to the kitchen and made myself a cup of tea, so he joined Reggie on the couch (where she pretty much stays all the time; she is not my shadow).


When I brought out some cheese and crackers, that got both dogs’ attention, naturally, and they were instantly right there to get their nibblies.


And finally, I went back to the office to download these pics and write this post, so he returned to the rocking chair.


He’s definitely on to me by now.

What a good dog! I love it that he wants always to be right beside me but never gets under my feet. Just like a shadow.


2 thoughts on “My little grey shadow

  1. What cuties! My little shadow, Spud, is like that. He sleeps curled up next to me in bed, and will get on my lap every time I sit down. My other shadow, Peanut, eventually gives up and will go to sleep either on the bed or on the couch, wherever Spud isn’t. Dogs are beautiful souls, aren’t they?

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