Never thought I’d see the day

In an attempt to keep from drowning in red ink, the U.S. Post Office has announced that it will end delivery of regular mail on Saturdays starting in August (packages will still be delivered). They’ve been threatening for years, but I never thought they’d really do it.

As an old-school letter writer all my life, I love the Post Office (despite their sometimes execrable customer service) and I love seeing that mail truck making the rounds through my neighborhood six days a week. Sending and receiving snail mail has always been a high point of my daily life (sad, but true), so losing a day is a big deal to me. After all, a day without mail is like … well … a Sunday.

I wish the government and the USPS could get themselves sorted out and find a way to manage their budgets within their available means. The way they’ve been going these past several years is ….

Whoops, look at the time! It’s too late to get started on this rant tonight.



4 thoughts on “Never thought I’d see the day

  1. I guess I have totally embraced the digital world and rarely write letters, but I do send cards once in a while. 🙂 Maybe I’m lazy, but it’s so much easier to shoot off an email than it is to write a letter.

    • Oh yes, email is quicker, no doubt about that. But, at least for those of us who remember the days before we “shot” emails at one another, a letter brings with it certain ineffable qualities that electronic communication simply never will. Not the least of which is evidence of forethought in the making of it. 😉

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