Happy feet

I realize I am risking alienating or possibly even losing some of my readers with this revelation, but the time has come to declare it to the world: I love Crocs.

I don’t care how other people think they look. I think they’re actually kinda cute. And they are super-comfortable, so easy to slip on and wade in the river or wash the car or schlep around the house.

I have a pink pair for when I’m feeling sassy, a black pair for when I’m feeling more subdued, and now a fuzzy faux-shearling-lined navy blue pair, which I found at a deep discount today at the local super store.

My feet, my Crocs.

My feet, my Crocs. Haters gonna hate.

I can wear these all winter, they’re so cozy. Just around the house, though … I have to have something on my feet at all times because my dogs trail water all over the kitchen floor from their beards after they hit the water bowl, and I hate stepping in water while wearing socks. Also, I have the world’s most delicate piddies and the world’s lowest tolerance for pain, so protecting my toes from being stubbed or even stepped on by a 20-lb dog is essentially a matter of life and death. As you might suppose, I do not run around barefoot, ever, even on carpet. Even when the dogs aren’t home.

As for taking my Croc-clad tootsies out on the town, well … what with camera phones and the internet nowadays, I’m just not sure that’s really in my best interests. People can be so cruel.*


* No, this is NOT me, or my Crocs.



5 thoughts on “Happy feet

  1. I love my crocs too — mine are lime green. I’ll have to look for those shearling-lined ones. That would be great for getting firewood on a cold morning.

    • Probably more likely because they’re so comfortable, especially for people who are on their feet and moving all day long. I think they put on shoe covers when there’s a contamination risk; I’ve never heard of anyone sterilizing shoes.

  2. I hate crocs with a passion, but I fell into the trap of watching Honey Boo Boo. My transgressions are worse than yours, so I shall elect to not be judgmental. Enjoy your footwear… I’m going to go back to fueling the degradation of our societal structure. 😉

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