Super tonic harvest

Last fall, the mothership and I made a huge batch of our own recipe for Dr. Schulze’s Super Tonic, which I have been faithfully agitating every week since as the bottles ripen (or, um, whatever they do) in a dark kitchen cupboard (I have all kinds of strange things in my cupboards, as we know).

Tonight I decided to harvest a bottle because, although I think this batch needs at least another month or two to fully mature and achieve a nice amber color, my supply from a couple of years ago has finally run out. I need this stuff, what can I say? That’s why we made such a big batch!

As I noted in the original post, I chose tonight to decant the solution because the trash gets picked up tomorrow and overnight is about as long as I want to leave the discarded vegetables in my trash can. Longer than that and the smell pretty much never comes out.

So, I pulled a bottle at random from my stash of 12 quarts.


After dumping it in a sieve and draining off the liquid, I got almost 3 cups of super tonic, enough to last me at least until the rest of the batch is ready.


The sediment in the solution is certainly harmless, but I prefer the aesthetics of a clear liquid, so I am straining it overnight through a coffee filter. This gives the clearest result and is also the slowest–one drop at a time, literally.


I wish I could put this stuff under a fume hood overnight because I know my whole house is going to smell like vinegar in the morning. I’ll have to open all the windows and burn some incense or something because it will be pungent.

This is great stuff–delicious and nutritious (or at least medicinal) and made by loving hands at home. Food just doesn’t get any better than that!


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