Dog alarms

I learned at 2:17 this morning just how good of a guard dog I have in my house.

A snowstorm was blowing outside, and a huge gust of wind went down my chimney and rattled the sheet metal with a great walloping thump that woke us all up out of a sound sleep. Rudy shot out from under the covers, vaulted off the bed, and scrambled into the living room barking frantically all the way. I got up, too, so he could see me checking the windows and doors and finding nothing there.

He finally calmed down when he was satisfied that the house was not actually under attack, and we went back to bed as the storm blew on at a less percussive pace. Reggie, meanwhile, yawned and stretched but otherwise was unperturbed. She is a great dog in many respects, but home security is not one of them. Bless her heart.

Even though having my night shot all to hell like that is hardly my idea of a good time, I’m glad to know that my boy is always on duty and ready to defend us even when he’s buried under a mountain of covers and snoring.



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