That one chore

They say everybody hates doing housework, but that’s not true. I like doing housework.

In fact, given a choice about how to spend an unexpected free afternoon, that’s what I’ll likely choose to do. I enjoy cleaning, clutter busting, straightening things up. It soothes my soul and always makes me feel productive. I take a lot of my everyday blessings for granted, but I never, ever lose sight of how fortunate I am to live in a home of my own, and I regard it as an honor and a privilege to care for this little nest of mine.

However, there is one chore I just hate doing. For some people, it’s vacuuming. Or scrubbing the toilets. Or dusting the mini-blinds. Or taking out the trash. For me, it’s changing the sheets on the bed. This has to be done weekly because the dogs sleep under the covers and, well, they’re dogs. A week between washings is as long as the standards of decency allow.

So every weekend, I strip the bed and wash the sheets. And around about 11 o’clock every Sunday night, hey, look, the bed is still not made up again and I have to do it so I can go to sleep. Schnitzels.


There have been many Sunday nights (and this is one of them) when I have been tempted to roll out a sleeping bag and move to the couch for the duration. Instead, I stiffen my upper lip and do what needs to be done. But it sure would be nice to have somebody who would either do that irksome task for me or at least help me with it. I put four blankets and a comforter plus a dog blanket on my bed in the winter, and it takes a good bit of effort to get every one of those blankets straight and centered so everything’s squared up and even on both sides. I make my hospital corners just like my mother (a former nurse) taught me, and while I don’t care about bouncing any coins off my sheets, I do make up my bed every day and keep it looking tidy. That part, at least, is easy.

As you can see in the photo below, the components of a well-made bed are:

  • Clean sheets
  • Plenty of fluffy pillows
  • Lots of cozy blankets
  • At least one cuddly Schnauzer

Rudy always tries to help me make the bed, so I guess I shouldn’t complain.

Yet again tonight, that bed it not going to make itself, so I had better get to it.


4 thoughts on “That one chore

  1. Both of our dogs love to help make the bed, too. Then they act all offended when I cover them with a sheet! Neither of them likes to sleep under the covers, but Spud will always curl up in any available curving surface, as long as it’s next to me. 🙂

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